The day I wrote my last post we got some intensely awful news. About an hour before I found out, I had a panic attack and knew something dreadful was coming.  I started praying and asking God to help me find Beau in the hotel. When I did, he was weeping and looking for me. I don’t think I ever realized how connected we were.moonrise rainbowFor the last week our family has been in crisis and hurting so deeply.  Beau and I wept for seven days and I swear we aged ten years.  But I have news for you: GOD IS MERCIFUL AND GOOD.  On the eighth day we were able to rejoice.  On our long drive to Osoyoos last night the moon rose in the east and a rainbow appeared above it.  Right then Beau’s mom texted me, “I love you to the moon and back.”  You guys, our family just walked out of a spiritual war zone.  And we won. beau treeBelieve me when I tell you this man is brave, full of forgiveness, and integrity. And so are his brother and sister.  They have been raised so well by their parents, and I am inspired to bring up my boys in the light so they can be just as honorable and true.DSC00528-001

I’m sorry this post is so vague.  I want to let everyone know what we’ve been going through, and shout out the mighty work God has done, but for now our crisis is confidential. If you pray, please pray that broken hearts will keep mending, and thank the Lord for working a miracle in our lives.


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  1. What charm and beauty! Can not wait to see a detailed tour. Congratulations and what a healing gift after the hard days you’ve had in the last month. So happy for you!

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