Napa Sunrise

I woke up early, threw on a shawl and grabbed my camera, then set out for a dewy morning walk.  DSC00513It’s funny.  For some reason it didn’t occur to me that the sun hadn’t risen yet.  But as I was taking pictures of this landscape, suddenly and to my delighted surprise the sun peaked over and winked right where I was looking. I didn’t even know I was looking to the east!

Here are some of my pictures as the morning unfolded…DSC00475-001DSC00484 DSC00482 DSC00474 DSC00471 DSC00466DSC00462DSC00494DSC00496DSC00513 DSC00510 DSC00507 DSC00504 DSC00503 I am now going to drink a watermelon mimosa and eat doughnuts in bed, and then head over to the spa for a jasmine mud wrap and a rose oil massage.  I also finished Shadow and Bone last night and cannot WAIT for the next book! It felt so good to be able to read a whole book without interruption!! (Except for the occasional swooping bright sapphire swallow or red tailed lizard stopping to see what I was up to :)

I could not be more elated to be right where I am!

3 thoughts on “Napa Sunrise

  1. Um, seriously? My favorite is the fourth from the bottom with the diagonal fenceline. Beautiful beyond words, all of it. I hope your heart is full. This is for YOU. :)

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