“You’ll be by yourself most of the time,” Beau told me.  I smiled.  Just what I need. I’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately.  It would be good to have some time to be still.

When I first got here Beau was busy with registration and events so I walked past all the plumped lips and gucci bags and found an adirondack chair overlooking a meadow to sit in.  I rested my head with my eyes closed and cried a little. I feel like a fish out of water in a resort like this (thank goodness for finding designer clothes second hand before I left!) But when I opened my eyes, I was looking right at the moon.  Well hello, friend!  Will you be here with me?

Suddenly I felt grounded.  I’m the same here, he’s the same there.  Throughout the evening it was as if he was showing off for me. Pink plumes!  radiant stars! See what I have for you that’s free? Always with a bright crescent smile.  I chatted with the staff (a big no no in Napa apparently…ha!) I painted a bit of the beauty around me, I took a few pictures of the grounds, I ate my enormous BLT like I had never learned any manners, and pretended to be Jasmine in my private garden with a double gate.

This morning I haven’t seen the moon just yet, but it’s ok because last night I found him, and he helped me find me.

bridget and beau 10 yearspurple flowerDSC00433DSC00425DSC00405DSC00421 DSC00420 DSC00417 DSC00432DSC00402DSC00434

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