Here is the story of my latest favorite sparkly…

My Great Matriarchal Grandmother Elizabeth, who went by Beth (My middle name!) was married with a pretty Edwardian diamond ring 100 years or so ago. She wore it until the diamond fell out in the nursing home when she was in her 90’s, and then gave it to my Grandmother Pauline sans missing diamond. Pauline put her birth stone into it, a Mediterranean blue aquamarine. (Both of my Grandmas have the same birthday, so it is both of their stones! But I digress.) When my sister Lucy turned 16 Pauline gave the ring to her. But Lucy didn’t love it. I did. Soon Lucy traded the ring with my mom for one more her style, an engagement one with three rows of diamonds that belonged to my Grandmother. Anyhoo…When Beau and I started getting serious I was describing the perfect ring. It was exactly the style of the aquamarine one. So my mom very graciously gave it to me. Beau took the blue stone out and put in a manufactured meteorite. (I wear a shooting star…huzzah!) At the same time he put the aquamarine into a ring for my mom. He gave it to her as a promise he would remain faithful to me.

Fast forward 10 years later. My mom decided it was time for me to wear the ring, and she gave it to me on Mother’s Day as a 10 year/mothers day gift.

So as you can see, the rings I wear are multifaceted in their meaning, as well as their sparkle. Just like the women in my family.


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