the only one.

This morning we had a nerf gun shoot out and a round of catch. I still can’t believe I have three boys. I’ve been in denial for 6 years.

Yesterday we went to the forest and Finn said I was the queen and he was the knight. (And his brothers were the horn blowers).

It reminded me of how I used to pretend I was Cindel in the Ewok Adventure when I played in the woods. I would pray that I would live the exact same adventure and then forget all about it, and then I would pretend that it really happened but that I couldn’t remember it.

We hiked trails through wildflowers looking for snakes and centipedes and slugs. The boys threw rocks in the river. I tried to catch brown and purple butterflies. My dad pointed out all the bird calls.

As time goes by I’m realizing that maybe I was really a tomboy all along. And maybe all my prayers for a girl were answered no. Because there isn’t really anything missing. In fact, now I’m almost glad I’m the only girl. Though it would be nice to share tutus and nail polish with someone, I think God answered Little Bridget’s prayer instead.  I’m the only Cindel in a troop of Ewoks. And it’s an adventure wherever we go.







mama boys window 2-002

4 thoughts on “the only one.

  1. I have two boys (now 33 & 36) so I totally relate. I so wanted a girl but it was not meant to happen. And, yes I was definitely tomboy in my youth. I climbed trees, built camps in the woods and on the beach, ran on top of logs floating in a flooded lagoon (in a winter storm no less), beach combed, taught myself to swim in the lagoon, wandered the woods and made up stories (yes, I was a princess in my dreams) and more. Now? Well I loved those days but I would have never let my kids do some of tye stupid things I did. And, upon reflection, I was meant to have boys. Now however, I have the loveliest grand daughter who is also a budding writer and artist. Perhaps you will meet Abby and her brother Tyler at the reunion this summer. Hope so, as I think you two could be soul mates.

  2. Great photo of you and the kiddos (you look awesome). I love what you wrote, you do such a great job expressing your thoughts in such a beautifully-magic way.

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