Oliver’s bunny birthday!

Come enter into the world of Beatrix Potter…

(Click on the first picture to start the slide show. A couple pictures are by Dan Roundhill…as well as the wordpress bubble slideshow feature. (for reals!))


(Stealing veggies!)

The locale of Oliver’s 3rd birthday was Mr McGreggor’s garden patch. (my parents’)

I water colored green leafy invites, Oliver wore a blue Peter Rabbit sweater, I made blackberry tarts (because the rabbits eat blackberries at the end of the book) and a bunny cake with marzipan Flopsy Mopsy and Peter, Joey made the prettiest (and tastiest) garden inspired sandwiches, the Roundhills brought different flavored lemonades, I bought a carrot cake, filled treat bags with bunny tail candy and chocolate bunnies and carrot seeds, Beau’s parents brought helium balloons, My mom made a veggie platter, and last but not least:

we rented a bunch of BABY BUNNIES!!!

IMG_1364Oliver was in heaven. He used to be severely introverted, a trait that was spawned from his painful hospital visits, but it has been a great joy to watch him blossom and enjoy outings and other children over the last few months. He is slowly learning to trust people enough to smile big and get excited. I’m so proud of him. While he was holding the baby bunnies he would yell out, “I’m holding a baby bunny! Mama! Grandmother! Nana! I’m holding a baby bunny! Daddy! Look! I’m holding a baby bunny!” It never got old. And the bunnieeeees! I’m not sure if the adults didn’t have more fun than the kids. My heart nearly exploded from all of the cuteness! I HIGHLY recommend renting Bunnies For Birthdays for the 3-6 age group.

Happy Birthday sweet Oliver. My swarthy, cuddly, imaginative, shy, cunning boy!-137



11 thoughts on “Oliver’s bunny birthday!

  1. So happy that Oliver had a great 3rd birthday party, It looked enchanting. He is such a beautiful boy and I love him dearly. Happy Birthday Oliver!

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