To The Sea

I needed this so badly. -11ship out to sea20130308-174401.jpg-2My family is all off in sunny locales (Hawaii, Thailand (previously India), Florida)….AND Beau’s gone this week.  The boys and I were getting cabin feverish and glum from mud and mist.  But yesterday the sky was BRIGHT BLUE.  I was in bed still trying to get it together when Joey texted and said she, Jenny and Rachel were going to have a play date at Golden Gardens with sandwiches from Paseo.  YES PLEASE!!  Happiness was mine.  Before this I was watching a little video clip Lucy posted of her touching the Atlantic over and over and listening to Dan Digs music over and over to make me happy.  Need some happiness?  Here you go:

Lucy touching the Atlantic

Dan Digs radio show. (hope you dig!)

Ship out to sea painting:
unframed watercolor and ink $450 contact:

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