The Speakeasy

20130301-110126.jpgtavern law illustration20130301-110321.jpgThe Roddy’s introduced us to The Needle and Thread on Capitol Hill for Joey’s birthday.  The Needle and Thread is the “speakeasy” above Tavern Law.  To get in you pick up a nondescript telephone in the corner of the bar.  When the the door opens you make your way up a dark flight of stairs flanked by walls covered with old fashioned naked portraits. The speakeasy is decorated in Lois IV french furniture and drenched in deep pink and yellow and burgundy colors. When you order a drink they ask you what spirit you want, and the feeling or flavors you like, and they invent a drink for you. To be completely honest, the first drink was a bit of a flop for me.  I ordered something floral and I got what tasted like a Martguerita to me.  But my second drink was the best I’ve ever had.  I was more specific: LAVENDER.  I was even wearing my purple tights (and Joey was wearing her pink), so it felt just right when I got my pretty ruby drink with a heady floral scent.

When we left to get Molly Moons around the corner, the floral shop next door to Tavern Law had showered hundreds of petals all over the ground.  I had been envious of my sister Jamie’s flower posts in India and Africa (especially one where an alleyway was covered in petals) so I felt like they were there just for us!

Happy Happy belated birthday, Joey!

P.S. The painting is my illustrative memory of the place.  It’s not geographically correct at all.  But I wanted to make a little cross section of it.  I have a feeling I’ll be trying again in a different style someday.  That wall of books in Tavern law….love!

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