Original Watercolors

Goodmorning!  It is SUCH a beautiful sunny day here today, and I am reveling in the saturated colors reflecting into my kitchen! My grass is currently a brilliant green littered with sparkling drew drops.

The day feels fresh, and it has me excited about some freshness I will be bringing to the way I sell my art, including retiring a few of my prints in my shop, and selling some of my original watercolors.

The last two shown are ones I created earlier this year.  The Walrus and the Carpenter, (Before its Bon Appetite fame!)  And La Bruciola (The Chocolate Shop), a sweet little spot in our Italy travels last spring.

The first one here is an imaginary place from my heart.  We have an accordion player who camps out outside our Trader Joes and he always makes me feel like I’m in Paris! The kids (Oliver, Avonlea, and Finn) were inspired when their blue balloon got trapped in a tree the other day.  Sometimes I look around me and think, “Can this be real?” And perhaps the world created around it in my mind is not, but my painting are!the blue balloon

Le Ballon Bleu
14×20 inches unframed original watercolor

The Walrus and Carpenter bridget beth.psdThe Walrus and the Carpenter
12×16 inches unframed original watercolor

IMG_9256-001La Bruciola
9×12 inches unframed watercolor

If you are interested in purchasing one of these paintings, or in commissioning me for custom work, please contact me. Bridget.collins@gmail.com

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