She loved them so…


Original unframed 14×20 inch watercolor painting.


I woke up yesterday with this vision in my mind: Lying at sunset in a field of wildflowers, with a tiny spider enjoying the stars. “she loved them so”

I’ve been thinking about the verse that says if God will clothe the lilies of the field and feed the birds of the air, won’t he do the same for you?

When I was in my darkest depression after my first miscarriage and didn’t feel like waking up and doing anything productive, I was encouraged by a spider at my window.  Day after day she spun a new web with detail and beauty and precision.  I thought, if this tiny spider can get up in the morning and make a home, so can I.

Spiderwebs have been a thing of beauty and loveliness for me ever since.

I want to sell this one to someone who will love it dearly. You can contact me directly or buy it here:

Here it is without any editing or cropping (in dim lighting):shelovedthemsobridgetbeth-001

4 thoughts on “She loved them so…

  1. I had some house-mates in my room yesterday and I showed them this and then I heard them gasp… and tears flow…
    what a gift your art is, bridget…
    if we weren’t all missionaries and graduate students i’d purchase it in a moment. i am telling you. in heaven—jesus will allow me to paint like you. for now, i just worship his creativity displayed through you.
    thank you. you make me love him more!

  2. That is SO kind of you! My heart! Thank you for sharing my art, and for encouraging me so much, Boo.

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