petals and pine

The Persian Osmia Avosetta Bee makes little homes with petals and nectar. I’d like to think they turn into bees when humans are near. Osmia Avosetta fairy more like!osmia avosetta bee-002

Petal Apartment by Bridget Beth

Here are some real life photos courtesy of national geographic.  Squeeeee!:20130224-224703.jpg


I also painted this cutie yesterday.

20130226-005953.jpg I am loving the bouquet of piny wax flowers I have on my kitchen table. I would make a whole arbor with it if the needles didn’t shower every surface in sight when I try to fashion something pretty out of them!


And I finished this family portrait for the most adorable family! Sarah loves irises and columbine, and couldn’t decide between floral or frames so we did both! IMG_0959-001I have 3 slots left at my mother’s day rates if you’d like to do something special for your Mama…or for yourself!

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