Mothers Day Family Portraits deal

I am currently booking 5 family portraits before Mother’s day at my current “friends and family” rate.
Right now my rates are $100 for an 8×10, $200 for an 11×14, and $500 for a 14×20. This is the last time I will offer this rate!Pictures336

There are many different options as to how these portraits could be done.  I can create a painting of your family in a floral surround, a family portrait of your family and some of your favorite things in frames on a wall, or I can create your family with a landscape background. Right now I’m working on one with frames in a floral surround.  My recent edwardian girls portraits are also an option.

The best thing for me is for you to be as specific as possible when stating your request, send me any pictures you think would help in my vision (including any art of mine you’d like me to emulate) and then to be as open as possible in the result.  I have my own style and imagination when it comes to my art… commissions are a joint effort! For example, upper left: Joey asked for a Tiffany blue wall and told me what she wanted in the frames, and I dressed all of them however I wanted. And in the lower right: Lucy said she wanted very little color, mushrooms and ferns.

Your painting will be shipped (or handed) to you unframed. I will add shipping to the overall cost when I make your custom listing in my shop.

I can also add 8×10 prints of your portrait at an additional charge of $22 per print.

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