Last night, amid all the wild lost boy mayhem, I got the urge to paint girls.  Sweet little Edwardian portraits of them. Collages151

Meanwhile, Finn just came in and told me that “somebody” just pooped outside so be careful.


And Harry just figured out how to climb up onto the couch with me while I’m blogging.  He’s currently  sitting on the keys and sucking on my face. His chubby little self is so proud!

Going out with the girls tonight.  Can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “GIRLS

  1. I absolutely love these. Will you commission these too? I’d love one of Amelia. Would you ever consider giving watercolor lessons? I tried to teach myself once because I love the medium, but I really need someone to show me. I could come over and just watch you paint sometime, which wouldn’t be awkward at all, right? =)

  2. Yes, I could be commissioned for these, Rachel! We will talk. And watercolor is a very hard medium because it has a mind of its own, but once you get the hang of it it’s crazy addictive. I’d love to have you over to paint!

    Here are some tips for anyone else viewing this comment:

    1.The more expensive and quality your materials…the better the outcome of your work. (Children’s paints will look like children’s art).

    2. To paint watercolor you have to think backwards…start with light, end with dark. I have a really hard time doing the opposite now!

    3. Use a blow drier between layers.

    4. Start with dripping, wet swaths of color, then add detail later.

    Ok, I’m going to do a blog tutorial!

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