I’ve been wild about flowers lately.Desktop75I’ve been painting them, embroidering them, imagining myself in them…I saw a bright blue and yellow crocus with lovely tiger spots popping up out of the ground on Harry’s birthday. It looked like the frozen earth was crying out, “Look! Under here we’re still shakin’! Just you wait!”flower pendants

These little necklaces were inspired by Poppy and Fern and Maryann’s AMAZING embroidered fox she GAVE me for my birthday!!  Isn’t he sweet?20130208-201919

Yesterday I was practicing painting a flower surround for a family portrait and inadvertently painted these pink flowers.  I ADORE them! I love it when that happens!pink and orange roses

I’ve been working on this family portrait like mad. I wanted to pull my hair out a few times because I kept messing it up and having to start over, but the end result makes me SO happy!!

bustanoby family portrait

This was one of the flower surrounds I did and then I couldn’t get the family right inside of it.  Now it’s my blog embellishment and I love it, so it’s a lesson in “nothing lost, nothing gained!”

watercolor flowers

And lastly, I was so inspired by this image on pinterest of a girl in a meadow that I did my hair like her and wore purple flowers.  (And yes…my dress does have dalmations on it.) Here’s to dreaming of flowers asleep in the ground and blooming in far off lands!


4 thoughts on “Flora

  1. Rachel, I bought the little frame pendants on Etsy. Embroidery floss, Embroidery fabric, an embroidery hoop, strong glue (I used weld bond). I learned all my knots and loops from an incredible book called doodle stitching. I highly recommend it! (On Amazon for about $8) I got really messy and cut them out, cut off all my knots on the back and glued them onto the frames. I’m pretty sure Poppy and Fern uses real frames and not the kind for cabochons like I used so if you could find those that would probably better! (Just found them on Etsy…I’m going to buy some and not use glue next time :)

    Hope this is helpful!

  2. Heather, I’m so sorry your comment was sent to my spam filter for some reason! I could have a family portrait done in one week. Thank you for asking!

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