sweet Harry is one.

He loves fuzzy woodland animals, sitting on heating vents, pulling hair, and world travel. His twinkle eyed smile and elfish charm delights us all! Happy birthday little sprite!harry and bridget 1st birthdayballoons harryharry balloons


I got him the CUTEST Peter Rabbit sweater from the Gap “designed” by Beatrix Potter. (You guys…the line is genuinely the most adorable baby clothes I’ve ever seen! If I had a girl she’d be wearing the little bunny and trees dress.)

I wanted to do a tiny garden photo shoot with him outside in his sweater and quickly realized it’s still winter! Balloons + mud + a toddler = oh dear. Maybe I’ll try again in the summer with all three boys. I want to find a meadow full of wild flowers!

Pictures333harry 1st birthday

His eyes are turning hazel. But for one glorious year I got to gaze into these bright baby blues. sigh. Has it really been a year?

8 thoughts on “sweet Harry is one.

  1. The year has flown by. Love the sweater!! I’ll have to pop into the gap and check out this line…
    Happy birthday Harry!!

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