flower and stone

Today I was imagining myself in the Cotswolds. I love a rambling, wild, country garden.  Stone cottages. Cheery colorful doors. Cute sign posts for everything. Hollyhocks!cotswolds 2 Cotswolds, By Bridget Beth

Right now my front garden is very rambly with overgrown vines and herbs and topiaries. It’s a mess and I adore it. All it needs is a slate wall around it and a robin.

Oliver was especially sweet and witty this morning. Sometimes I have to stop and take a breath because I can’t believe I get to live with these funny, darling creatures. They’re so dear.

We sat at the window and watched the world outside.  Birds, a mottled cat, the big green buds on the camellia tree. I like to imagine the pink and yellow waiting excitedly inside of them. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately looking out the window waiting for the weather to get warmer. My house a big green bud, and me a pale color ready to flame bright.-129

Do you know of any places in the northwest that are similar to the Cotswolds? English gardens, little tudor houses, anything like that? Please share, I’d love to go!

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