Finnadore turned six!!  birthday cake!

It was strawberry cake, pixie dust, new roller skates, skiing, crepes, sushi, the disney store, lots of loud music, aaaand exorbitant amounts of silliness and general revelry!  20130202-105004.jpg

Finn's sixth birthday

No party this year. Finn wanted to go skiing for his birthday.  I hadn’t been skiing in 15 years, but I swallowed my nervous nausea and went up the chair. 20130202-105057.jpg

It was like no time had passed! I felt more comfortable than I ever have, and had an absolute blast. I can’t wait to get back up there!

EXCEPT for when my old boot literally cracked in half. The plastic just crumbled beneath me and I bit the snow. OF COURSE I happened to have my knitting with me and so tied my boot back together and carefully made it back down to rent boots and skiis. (For free!). Adventure: it’s inevitable.

20130202-121946.jpgFinn said it was the best birthday ever.


Happy birthday sweet Huckleberry!!Finn's sixth birthday cake

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