citrus and rose!

The other day we
watched Jamie Oliver travel to Morocco.
moroccan-snake-pastry-001 Finn loves Jamie Oliver. When I turned on the show he said, “Oh! This is the guy who says, ‘Oh my GOD!‘” in a perfect British accent. I had never noticed it particularly, but it was the very next thing out of Jamie Oliver’s mouth! And then he was saying it over and over the whole show. How funny!20130131-153020-002

Anyway, he made a M’hanncha (a moroccan snake pastry), by making an almond paste and rolling it up in phyllo dough and then coiling it up.

Finn and I were dying to try it.

So later that night I went to the market for all the ingredients. In the morning Finn said, “Mama! You went all the way far away for these things? You’re a traveler! Did you take a train?”

Happy sigh!

The most overpowering flavor in this pastry is ROSE. It was too much. Plus I am allergic to it so my face gets really hot and my throat starts to close when I take a bite.  (And I’ve taken several…with benadryl!) I will definitely do a lot less of the rose water next time! Maybe even a teaspoon instead of the 2 tablespoons it calls for. But the flavor combination is divine and except for the delicacy of the thin pastry the recipe is fairly easy. I am excited to try making a chocolate almond one!

You can find the recipe here.

Here’s the last shot before it was DEVOURED:


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