mother fern

For my birthday my friend Brie gave me some azure bluebird forget me not seeds, a cute painting of a couple flying over Rome, and a mother fern. (Hey remember when I had blue birds with red cheeks? sigh.)mother fern plantrome flight

I planted the little azure bluebird seeds in a jar in the windowsill. I love watching tiny things grow!sprouts

Like these not so tiny things:mama boys finn oliverboys dishes

In the beginning I was already sad because I thought there was no way I could ever keep this pretty lacy fern alive.  But I have been diligent.  Every few hours when it starts to dry I wet its fronds.


And then one day, as I was doing this, I realized why it’s called a “mother” fern. mama harry blue redmother fern

Squeeeeee!!!! It’s me!

sprouts jardishes

I love these last two pictures together: a downward shot into our tiny conservatory!

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