Once upon a time, in an Enchanted Forest…

we had our 30th birthday dinner party!-117-079Collages148

For our 30th we had a woodland fairy tale themed dinner party.

Joey did the cocktail hour and Beau’s cake, my mom made dinner and my cake AND DID THE DISHES!, Lucy did the invites, Joey and I decorated and put together all the little touches, my dad did a game, and Beau’s parents babysat!!

Here’s how it all went down:

When the guests arrived men were given a mushroom fern boutinier and women were given golden crowns.

They were then given the option of one of two signature cocktails:

The Snow White
(Elderflower, apple brandy, bubbles, hibiscus petals)-104


The Huntsman
(Douglas Fir whiskey, bitters, lemon, rosemary)IMG_0205

Each guest could pick a charm to put on their drink.  (Owls, crowns, and knight paraphernalia!)crown charms

The hors d’oeuvres were Elven Way Bread (rosemary, fig, chevre, honey) and Black Forest Tartines (fried sage, black forest ham, blackberry)IMG_0227

After the cocktail hour guests came to find their spots at the table and were told to take a bite of the amuse bouche (The first bite). For our enchanted forest dinner the amuse buche was a “poisoned apple” bite (herbed creme fraiche , green apple, kiwi, salted caramel, thyme and pomegranate in a mini tart.)IMG_0173

Dinner was Sherwood Forest mushroom pie (my new absolute favorite thing!), a blackened roast beast, Lothlorien pear walnut salad with apricot nectar, lavender glazed snow “white” peas and carrots, and pear gorgonzola crostinis. I died and went to heaven.

For our cakes my mom made me a Snow White coconut cake (with snow white and the seven dwarfs on top and my meringue mushrooms surrounding!)-124

and Joey made a Black Forest chocolate cake soaked in orange liqueur for Beau. -123

Like eating true love’s kiss!-115

My dad led a fairy tale, naturalism, and Bridget and Beau themed jeopardy game. (My team won, woot!)

Then we had some dancing (ballroom and swing) and gift opening. Beau got a LOT of booze, and I got the dearest things from my darling friends.  I was completely in awe and am still mooning a bit over it all!

I wish I had a few more pictures of the guests, although I always say that, and then when an event happens I’m having entirely too much fun to take them!

It was one of the most beautiful nights of my life, and I’m so thankful to everyone who was involved.  I love you all so! -098-108-091bridget and beau 30th birthday partyIMG_0216-094

9 thoughts on “Once upon a time, in an Enchanted Forest…

  1. Now I know where you get hour love for the whimsical – from your wonderful mom. You are very fortunate.

  2. This is absolutely darling! What a great group of friends and family. Looks like the perfect evening. I love the first picture of the blowing of the candles. That Beau obviously loves you. Not even looking at his cake, but looking to see your joy! Priceless!

  3. Kim: thank you! I didn’t even think about Beau looking at me in that picture. I love that too!

    Pat: my mom is an extremely creative cook and gardener, always made play outside, and encouraged me to read fantasy books. I think you are right, because, honestly, what else is there?

  4. Love! Love! Love!!! All of the incredible details that were put into it is fantastic! In awe of the creativity by you, your family, and your friends! What a magical night! Thanks for posting!

  5. What a whimsical event! The food and decor look gorgeous! I love that you celebrated together. I am thinking my husband and I should celebrate our 30th birthdays together next year :)

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