From water and light.

For Christmas my mom gave me some paperwhite bulbs.  Oliver and I planted them the very next day in some jars and every morning checked on them to see how far they’d grown over night. In two weeks they’d grown a good 10 inches and sprouted their flowers.  The roots were the boys’ favorite part, since they had seen flowers sprout in the garden, but never their roots.enchanted forest

Here are a couple 2 minute videos of Oliver and the Paperwhites.  They are especially for my sister Jamie who has been gone for months. But they’re also exciting for me because I just got a camera that can take hd video.

Oliver is my moody, introverted boy. An Eore to Finn’s Tigger ways.  My favorite part of the first one is Oliver trying so hard to make an excited expression at the end.  And my favorite part of the second is between .50 and .60. Can you just picture him saying, “Thanks for noticing me.” Enjoy!

For our birthday party I collected a bunch of twigs from my garden.  My favorite were the lilac branches because each branch looked like its own little tree. But there was a bit of heart ache thinking those branches would never sprout flowers again.

During dinner Matt touched one of the twigs and mentioned something to the effect of how amazing it is that all the ingredients for a flower are inside of that dull little stick.  He said the only thing we could do comparable is to create. I love that!


Can you believe such beauty sprouts up out of a bulb? And in such little time!  What in my life would do as much if I would only give it some water and light?

6 thoughts on “From water and light.

  1. Everyday is a memory day when you are blessed with children to share your day with. Thanks for sharing this memory.

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