moonlight and moss

“In a moss-draped rain forest in British Columbia, towering red cedars live a thousand years, and black bears are born with white fur,” National Geographickermode spirit bear-001Spirit Bears, By Bridget Beth

Did you know that black bears can be white? Not albino, but born with white hair.  They’re called Kermode bears and they live in BC, Canada.  They’re so rare and beloved it is a $100,000 fine if you shoot one.  Native Americans call them the Spirit Bear.  And….of course…. Joey has seen one!Desktop72

image credits: national geographic,, daily mail, paul nicklen, bears of the world. net.

The other day Lucy sent me the song Seven Bridges Road, originally by Steve Young. One of the lyrics is,

“There are stars
In the Southern sky
Southward as you go
There is moonlight
And moss in the trees
Down the Seven Bridges Road”

I immediately knew I had to paint it!

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