Of white feathers and snow.


a19e12a45c3711e2b28822000a9f1468_7-002About a month ago I was dazzled with my very first snowy owl sighting.

I had spent the day with Lucy and Oliver and Harry (I love their names together…eeee!).  We went to the butterfly house and I freaked out with excitement that an owl butterfly landed on Oliver’s back.  8e0824aa51d811e2aacd22000a1f932c_7-001

Little did I know I was in for much more excitement!

After eating at a tea shop and finding stationery for my party (rifle paper company xoxo!), Lucy and I parted ways and I decided to take the scenic route home, stopping at Sunset Hill for the view.

That was when I saw the cameras.  A hoard of what looked like paparazzi were snapping pictures in the street.  I wondered what on earth was going on.  A celebrity?


A VERY enthused group of birders had me take a peek in their telescope.


There are three living in Ballard now.  There have been more and more sightings in Washington, and these ones have decided to make one of the cutest Harry Potter esque neighborhoods their home. Turrets and owls?  Maybe I should make it my home, too.

I watched as the owl flew in beautiful sunset glinted swoops around me, while Oliver and Harry slept in the car. I cried, I was so happy!

I wrote to Lucy and Joey about it and they both said:cac62bf851d811e28ddc22000a9f15db_7

I love them!

For my Enchanted Forest party Joey and I decorated with snowy owls, and I dipped feathers in gold paint and gold glitter and hung them from the chandelier and doorway. (I got the idea from pinterest).

I still can’t quite believe I actually saw real sunlight glinting off real white owl feathers!

I wish my sweet Finn could have seen it.  His tender heart loves magical things. IMG_0032-002 And he also knows I love magical things, and loves to watch me experience them.  Yesterday he turned down the lights, set up the pillows just right, filled bowls with popcorn, and ordered Oliver and I to sit on the couch with him so we could watch a movie he was excited about.  He wouldn’t start it until I was ready.  I was busy with some things and he patiently waited until I was finished.  I sat down and he turned on the latest Tinker Bell he’d seen at Nana’s house. (we love those movies!) And guess what it had in it?

Frost fairies and snowy owls! 

The synchronicity of life astounds me.


This post was inspired by an email I got today from Germany’s biggest platform on sustainable living, Utopia.de,  asking if they could use Oliver and my owl costume pictures for a DIY costume gallery.  Fun!!

In case you couldn’t tell, I do really love owls.

P.S. After our writers group last night there were big lightly falling snow flakes in the lamp post light.  I’m craving a white landscape. I’ve been loving the morning frost.  I wish it could last all day!

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