A long winded account of my 10950th day.20130111-111550.jpg

Yesterday I turned 30.  It was amazeballs.

Ack! That word keeps flying out of my mouth! I hate it so passionately it makes me laugh every time I say it. Or write it.


Yesterday was delicious. It started with Harry deciding he wanted to stop nursing.  That was a little sad at first, but then I was ecstatic I didn’t have to force it or watch him cry when I refused him.  The most perfect gift an 11 month old could give!

Someone said to me yesterday, “May this day be filled with unexpected magic” or something to that effect. It absolutely was. I woke up early to drive down to West Seattle to spend the day with Lucy.  There was snow on the tree tops and mist in the valleys as I drove down.  The little twigs on the side of the road were covered in glistening dew drops. Everything had a perfectly eerie lavender haze to it.

Then the sun rose. The sky errupted in swaths of  purple. I was screaming with excitement.  (I love screaming when I’m by myself, which is never)

Lucy bought me a 90 minute massage, a bunch of treats at Bakery Nouveau, and took me to shop at Fleurt. (A cute little flower shop on California street).

Be still my heart! (And I mean that literally because I have anxiety that makes my chest hurt.)

Then Lu and I watched the episode from Sex and the City entitled 20 something girls and 30 something women. Yep.

I got home and my 20 something guy, who had taken the day off to watch the kids and cleaned the house while he was at it, had bought me flowers.

Then we started gettin’ busy making….

a unicorn puzzle.

Lucy got me a unicorn forest puzzle .  I love unicorns, not gonna lie. (disclaimer: I’m not going to be like the woman my friend Stephanie used to live next to who seriously had unicorn trinkets and paintings and embroidery COVERING her walls and decals on her windows, and I think she my have had a unicorn topiary… but I do have a unicorn ring and now a puzzle, and I LOVE them.

The unicorn puzzle was one of the best things our little family has ever done together.  There were all these little animals in it that Oliver loved, and it was simple enough that Finn could put the edges together, and difficult enough for me to enjoy, but not get bored with. If a puzzle is too hard I lose interest pretty quickly. (And now I’m getting into ironic puzzle preference territory so I’ll stop).

When we finished the puzzle whoops and giggles and excitement was had by all.

Then the boys made me red velvet cupcakes with vanilla bean butter cream frosting. They’re so pretttteeeeeeee!

And THEN Joey stopped by with flowers and a rabbit card and she whisked me away into the night.

We went to Jack Murphy’s to drink cider in the snog room, then for a walk along sunset street.  The tide was waaaay out and the stars were as crystal clear as I’d ever seen them. Joey told me all about rare white bears in moss covered forests, and I sneakily tried cloves for the very first time.

I am 30.  And there is still so much to see I’ve never heard of, family to grow and laugh with, and a whole mossy forest of new experiences to try. Life is as silly and youthful and happy as I want it to be, full of wonder and magic and delight.

I may have gotten a little teary eyed dancing to Taylor Swift’s 22 the other day, but I’m over it.59963_10151436532015087_601675727_n

Things I’d like to make happen in my 30’s

*travel to a new continent

*sail with my tweens (by the end of this decade I’ll have a 10, 12, and FIFTEEN year old.)

*stay happily married to Beau

*grow my own vegetables (at least once)

*try having bright ginger hair

*stay out of the sun

*finish and sell my book

*paint larger

*move into my dream house

*hang glide, hot air balloon, and zip line (zip line in the jungle if possible)



P.S. How could I forget? My elementary school friend Monica dropped a present for me on my doorstep!  She’s been doing it for YEARS. It still surprises me every time.  And she always knows exactly what kind of things I’ll love. This year: homemade kettle corn and the cuuutest little black cameo and floral earrings ever. Squee!

7 thoughts on “30

  1. (I love this post!)
    … Ok, ok
    *Paraglide off Grouse Mountain in Canada (we should do this together!)
    *Own a home
    *Pay off our school loans and start investing in our retirement
    *Go to Europe with Matt, bike in Tuscany and Provence
    *Sell my book
    *Be the fittest I’ve ever been in my life
    *Put on a women’s retreat
    *Do a residency at Hedgebrook
    *Eat at 15 in London
    *Read the Chronicles of Narnia with my kids
    *And this is a huge long-shot, but a girl can dream: Meet JK Rowling

  2. Happy birthday! Can’t believe you (or any of us) are in our 30’s now. Pretty awesome. Here’s my list:
    *serve with my children on a mission/ministry
    *pay off our house
    *travel to Europe with friends
    *camp often w/friends
    *have Michelle Obama arms
    *grow my hair long
    *water ski

  3. I’m rare to comment, but Happy Birthday! I’ve enjoyed your blog for 6 years now when I stumbled upon it via a friend of a friend of a friend…back in the day of blogrolls. I’ve always been taken by your joy in the small things,and how you seem to find beauty in it all. It’s been fun following your journey.

  4. I am really excited to read your book! Happy Birthday! I hope I will see more of you this year!

    I had no idea you were thirty! I felt you were so much younger!

  5. Happy birthday, Love! Keep smiling – your thirties will surprise and enlighten you. And they’re just so much fun!!! That post a couple weeks ago about not caring anymore … yep! It happens. Maybe not completely, but certainly much less than in your 20’s. Just continue to live your joyous life and you’ll be just fine.

  6. Thank you, you guys! Joey and Kara, I love yours!!

    And Kim, every once in a while I think about the little bells Jasper wore on his ankles as a baby in Thailand. Weird, but true. It’s just such a sweet, fairy thought!

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