Following my sister: Bavarian Christmas

My little sister is no longer in Africa.  She is now trekking over frozen edelweiss.  It will probably bother her that these photos are out of order. And that they aren’t on her blog first, but they ARE on instagram and Christmas is over so I felt an urgency to show you the ABSOLUTE BEAUTY AND GLORY THAT IS HER ENCHANTED LIFE. You can follow her year of world travel here.200030_752732082140_200004677_n

397086_749546361350_823633341_n397042_750071588790_956340552_n262603_752755764680_543320823_n 9187_750291812460_1814871087_n861e08a44a0811e288ea22000a1f9318_7 12561_749778106930_1777047229_n 61016_752753973270_2053712604_n  305662_754040375310_1096631154_n181872_753890445770_1629878283_n

393045_753106995810_36949076_n312685_753589743380_759894954_n 375441_750315644700_1690453697_n 382025_752731967370_191285407_n382053_748370682420_1671802734_n530480_749163313980_852031027_n 598414_750315744500_415516777_n227136_752011720750_817461223_n385750_753097385070_82052626_n14461_751416328920_1705565385_nmatterhorn spiros

2 thoughts on “Following my sister: Bavarian Christmas

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. As a little girl I lived in Vienna and played in the park in front of the lighted Rathaus building in her picture.

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