Boxing Day.

It is almost 11 am and I am still in bed. Beau very graciously has allowed me to sleep all the hours lost in fezziwigging into the night. Even Oliver only quietly snuggled up to me like the little wolf pup he is and gently nuzzled my arm. We unraveled just long enough to share Beau’s eggs Benedicte and then tousled back in. This may be the best morning I’ve ever had. It is, at least, the latest I’ve slept in since Finn was born. Let me think about that for a second… Yes. That’s a true statement.

Hey! I have SO much to show you! I got a new camera (my other one broke a few months back) and I’ve been back to my snapping antics. I had the most marvelously unintentional French themed holiday and I want to paint it and write it and collage it. As those words leave my texting fingers I can feel the procrastination set in…ha! Happy happy resting and returning Boxing Day to you and yours. Enjoy all those “hey, I forgot that was in my stocking!” Moments.

Love Bridge



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