Rose macaroons

I have a thing for pink, did you know? IMG_9953-001

I made rose coconut macaroons for Christmas Eve Eve. I found the recipe online and added rose extract instead of vanilla.  They’re the easiest cookie you can imagine to make, and oh so delicious with coffee!


Driving home from Tacoma I told Beau I wanted to just drive by the seattle center to see the lights.  He dropped me off by the science center and told me to walk through.  I had the whole place all to myself! I saw the ice skaters through the glass, the Nutcracker intermission, and all the pretty lights strung through the trees.  And then I ran out to Beau and the kids waiting for me in the car by the Ballet. My favorite was this enormous pinkish tree!IMG_9936 IMG_9929

Here’s a photo from the Christmas Eve Eve party.  I love my mama and my sister Lucy!IMG_9956

3 thoughts on “Rose macaroons

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