snow light.

I love the white light that glints off everything after it snows. We had our first dusting last night.  Harry cooed out the window this morning as we snuggled up in bed.  And I am especially enjoying a few new bed and bath accessories…print pillow 2

Beau and I had our first night away from all three kids this weekend.  We were just at home but it very quickly became special when I pulled out our first Christmas present: fluffy white robes.  We’ve never had any so it was a special treat!

It may not sound like much, but we still don’t even have any grown up towels…we use a bunch of random beach towels!

And then Beau decided to give me my Christmas present early because it went along with the theme. New mens vintage style pajamas from j crew! I had said I liked Zooey Deschanel’s in New Girl and what do you know…he remembered!

Aaaaand I got those sweet animal print duvet covers from ikea for the boys (thanks for showing them to me Mel!) I love them so much we’re using the pillow cases for our bed! The duvets are even more darling in person.  They have a brown side with white, and they even have HUCKLEBERRIES! wolf prints and huckleberries?  They were made for Finn and Oliver.

Happy snow!

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