Elf magic

Of Harry Arthur

(commonly referred to as “The Chosen One” or “The boy wizard” or just creepy British accented Voldemort “Harry Potter” whispers) harry and mamaHave you seen that new (old?) tradition of Elf on the shelf?  Where you buy this cute little elf who sits on your shelf and tell your kids the elf is there to report to Santa if they’re being naughty or nice.  And each morning the elf is in a new spot, and sometimes gets into mischief.  (Like snow angels in the flour on the kitchen floor, or tied up on the Christmas train track etc.) It all sounds delightful with a smattering of wicked (which I adore).elf-on-the-shelf-book1

Well anyway… Harry is MY little elf on the shelf.  He’s already such an imp!  With a twinkle in his eye and his rosy cheeks.  He is the master of messes and hair pulling and evil laughter when he knows he’s done something naughty.   I love seeing his little personality come out.  He’s started trying to say words, (Da da was his first!) and waving, and hugs, and loves to take steps, and bites. ((BITES!!)) (Time to wean!)

Last night he FINALLY slept all the way through the night.  Like for real, reals.  7pm to 7am.  First time at 10 months!

Of course I went to sleep at 1, so it may have been that I just didn’t wake up.  But that, in itself, is a Christmas miracle.

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