Starry Lollies

Today we made homemade lollipops.
Mine were an homage to the night sky.
Silver constellations, gilded stars, and pastel moons.20121205-130423.jpgThey’re really quite easy to make.  7 life savers on parchment.  Into a 300 degree F oven for 6-8 minutes or until melted….20121205-130458.jpgadd sticks and sprinkles.  (I twisted the sticks around so that they were coated completely with candy.20121205-130521.jpgWait for them to cool. Aren’t they so pretty!!?20121205-130536.jpgFinn wanted to make tiny ones.  For these we put two lifesavers on top of each other.  The tiny ones took 5 minutes to melt.20121205-130600.jpgI got this idea from a parenting magazine sent home from Finn’s school. 20121205-130844.jpgI saw it and immediately thought, “Christmas gifts!!”20121205-131610.jpg

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