Winter Flowers


Violet Pansy by Bridget Beth

Hey! I just realized that snow is back on the blog!!

Today I am giddy because I get to start working on a very exciting project. Last night I spent a couple of hours practicing petals in anticipation. I think it’s going to get me out of the winter doldrums.

The last couple of days have been sad face. My boys all have chest colds. Finn and Oliver have completely lost their voices! I am the server of honey tea and jello and gingerbread and syrupy medicine and vapor rub. All while feeling less than snuff.

But I am feeling much better today, and I’ve seemed to escape the sore throat and chest congestion. I hope it’s not about to hit. (as I take another spoonful of ginger and honey)

Do you have any cold remedies you swear by?

I SWEAR by vapor rub on my kids’ feet at night to keep them from coughing. I know it sounds bizarre, but it works!

2 thoughts on “Winter Flowers

  1. Honey and vick’s are magical over here, too. Gargling warm salt water helps for the grownups. And lots of snuggling with movies. Hang in there!

  2. Baby and I just got over a nasty bug too (no fun), hope the boys feel better and you stay healthy. The NoseFrida was my friend when clearing Viv’s nose. My sister told me about the Vick’s on the feet and I tried it fo Viv, but wasn’t sure if it worked. Anyways, homemade lemon tea helped soothe my throat (and gargling). 1 whole lemon, hot water, lots of honey and if desired some fresh ground ginger all in a favorite mug … yum and soothing :)

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