It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. And you know what that means. (Besides the swollen gut and maniacal shopping sprees). It’s the Christmas season!! We saw the first fairy lit house last night in the car and erupted with woots. Today we are going to trim the tree with my parents and my sister. Aaand the Campfields are in town for a surprise visit so we’re spending the morning with them!! I plan on listening to copious amounts of Christmas music today and indulging in leftover turkey cranberry sandwiches. I still smell like onion from my contribution to dinner last night (balsamic glazed pearl onions), Beau can barely walk from turkey day tag football, and the boys slept in until 8 because we let them stay up until 10. This is the life you guys. Family, friends, and the enjoyment of simple magical delights.

Here’s some pictures from the Spiro gathering. Not included: my parents flambéing (spell check has nothing for me on that one) the sweet potatoes with bourbon! Or the family drawing ornaments on the giant paper tree. Or late night champagne with those who stayed late! We call my dad “the cruise director” for a reason. Viva La Spiro!!


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