Surprise Thanksgiving!

Today we loaded the car up with ingredients for a thanksgiving feast, swung by the airport to pick up Coley and surprised Beau’s mom with her daughter and dinner!

20121121-222909.jpgI thought she might pass out from the happiness. She had been so depressed that she wouldn’t see any of her kids, an was already surprised that WE even came…and then she saw Nicole. She was on the phone with a friend when we pulled up and she couldn’t even remember if she said goodbye. I felt like I was watching a movie! It was probably the most beautifully touching thanksgiving I’ve ever had. We all cried and then got busy making dinner.

You guys. Drum roll please… I roasted my very first turkey! I admit that I got teary eyed again remembering being a little girl helping my mom baste the turkey while I let Oliver stand on a chair and help me. When did I grow up? And when did he?

I had so much excitement and adrenaline afterwards I came home and ran two miles! (Ok, I admit that I also could feel my double chin from all the salt and wanted to sweat it off..ha!)

3 thoughts on “Surprise Thanksgiving!

  1. That was beautiful. Where is Nicole living now? Last I heard she lived in Seattle. That pic of Bob & the kids wrasteling on the floor is just like at our house. What is it with grandchildren and grandpa’s. There is always joyful laughing when the grandkids are here. Happy Thanksgiving to the Collins’ and Audett’s. 

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