Yesterday morning Finn was humming an enchanting melody. I felt like I was listening to a forest spirit. 20121109-172457.jpgHe was writing out notes on paper and pretending to know what they sounded like. Right then I bought him a little wooden flute for Christmas.

Soon after we drove down to Mt Rainier to see fall color (and I was hoping for a fox.) What I didn’t expect was lots of snow and barren trees as well! We found a giant, crashing waterfall hidden in the rocks. If we hadn’t stopped to look at a tiny trickling one we would have missed it. Someone had come before us and made itty bitty snowmen. They looked like the forest spirits in Princess Mononoke. Do you ever feel like what you’re experiencing is so ethereal you almost feel numb to it? I woke up this morning wondering if yesterday was real. The last I felt like that was after Lucy’s faerie wedding. These are Elven and golden moments that seem more fitting to a story. I fell asleep last night in the loft at Beau’s parents. Finn snuggled up with a fever on my chest, a fire crackling in the stove. We are elves and fairies. It’s who we’re meant to be. I think the reason we enjoy hearing their stories is because they are truly about us. When I watched my boys trekking over the stone bridge over an expanse of autumn and snow flakes and aqua pools, I was in Rivendell, and the truth of it was like a dream.20121109-172448.jpg20121109-172518.jpg20121109-172529.jpg







4 thoughts on “Rivendell

  1. my comment got deleted, arg.

    love love love the waterfall.
    love the notes and song from finn. tears, really. i love that boy.
    seeing snow makes me extremely happy. when you’re so near the equator, you realize you take snow for granted– i was at 13,100 feet the other day and didn’t even realize i was that high (becaues of no snow) and only realized because I got elevation sickness! ha!

    but now i’m around waterfalls here in northern cameroon. landscape a lot like what you’d find in hawaii– but different. when I go for a walk, i think, “i should take a picture of that flower for bridget.” but then don’t. I could take a picture at every turn, bridge.

    anyway, love you so very much, sister.

  2. Jamiiiiieeeee! Take pictures of flowers. I would LOVE to see flowers and waterfalls from Africa. I love you so much. Miss you.

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