a Bridget Beth giveaway



Hello friends,

I now have a Facebook page for my art and blog. If you’d like to see updates from me in your facebook feed then head over and give me a *like*. By doing so you will also be generating attention to my art as well, many thanks!!

Click here to like: https://www.facebook.com/bridgetbethart

To show my gratitude I’m doing a giveaway for you, my loyal readers!

Here’s how it works:

1. like my facebook page

2. Tell someone about this giveaway by linking to this blog post via twitter, facebook, or blog.

3. Then…let me know in the comments of this blog post that you’d like to be entered into a drawing for an 8×10 print of one of my paintings! Any print in my shop, you pick.

I will announce the winner next monday, November 12!

Here’s the link to my shop for your perusal…


Thank you!

P.S. anyone can be a part of this giveaway :)

45 thoughts on “a Bridget Beth giveaway

  1. i liked, i linked, i love. i appreciate the subdued whimsy in your pieces. it’s not over-the-top — it’s the exactly-the-top. where you want to travel when you need to be far away, and where you must return when you aren’t yet home.

  2. Bridget your painting are truly lovely- you have such a glorious way of capturing moments. I love you work.

  3. What fun! At the risk of lessening my chances of winning, I posted a link on facebook – but again I’d be delighted if more of my friends knew about your lovely artwork.

  4. What a fun contest. I so do enjoy your little slice of magic on the web. It always reminds to look at the beauty of things. I posted on FB.

  5. I’d be happy to win one of your lovely works of art. I heard about you and your work for the first time today via Mary DeMuth on Twitter, and I’ve now tweeted a link of my own to your site. Best wishes!

  6. Beautiful art. Hope I win an 8X10. I see one I really would like.
    Liked Facebook and linked to Twitter.

  7. i am SOOOOOOOOOO thrilled you have a fb page! I tweeted to my friends and I am over the moon! The only problem I have with this giveaway is how could I ever chose just one print?!?

  8. I would LOVE one of your pieces! Beautiful, whimsical enchantment filling a wall in our home?! Yes Please! Thank you!

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