Hunter’s Moon

The bottom two face paintings were a product of my dad.  We had a little Spiro clan Halloween party and he wanted to dress the boys up.  Oliver LOVED being a ghoul.  I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard!  Interesting how the ghoul was hilarious and the clown was scary.

On Halloween night we went down to Edmonds with the Roddy’s.  It was a perfect night.  Orange leaved oaks and red maples, old houses with jack-o-lanterns aglow, hundreds of costumes.  Main street was having a Thriller flash dance mob when we got there.  It’s a big party down there!  I kept seeing familiar faces.  (It’s a small town)   Avonlea, Harry and I were dressed as owls, Joey was Hermione Granger and Corin was Paddington Bear! (I stole the picture from her fb…I had to it was so cute!)  Finn was a Jedi and our very two year old opted out of wearing a costume.  Afterwards we went over to Matt’s parents’ for Beef Bourguignon and treats.  The kids ran amuck!  I LOVED it.I made sugar cookies for the hunter’s moon. I used almond extract and vanilla bean seeds for flavoring, and dusted them with sugar I’d flavored with a vanilla bean husk.

I got the vintage moon cookie cutter from Bountiful Home in Edmonds. They have a really cute 50’s kitchen section with lots of old fashioned treats and kitschy home-making treasures.

I discovered a new trick.  Line your cookie sheet with foil, roll your dough out on top of it, cut out your cookies, and then pull the excess up, leaving the cookies on the foil.  Then you just pop them in the oven!  So much easier than trying to transfer them! Especially when they’re really thin like I wanted these to be.

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