Green Gables

Dolly’s about to get out and eat up
Rachel Lynde’s prize winning cabbage patch.

Green Gables by Bridget Beth.

I’m so inspired by all the fall foliage. My back yard has some lovely bright trees. I’ve been painting at the window, looking out at them, and all the little brown birds checking to see if I notice them eating from the bird feeder. Yesterday it was like the feathered friend cruise ship came in and I had one of every kind of backyard bird I can think of…wood peckers, jays, juncos, chickadees, sparrows…but today there’s just a few little guys nervously hiding in the rose bushes. The boys are back and it’s back to being boisterous and busy …that’s probably why!20121026-133457.jpg

Today we’re going to watch the sequel. Or as we grew up calling it, “Anne of Avonlea.” My mom is making gluten free pasta and gluten free pear crisp for Joey. With fresh pears picked from the tree next door! Life is rich!

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