I’ve always wanted to try dying my hair with henna. I’ve been apprehensive because it is permanent…as in, you can’t even dye over it. But I always love the vibrant shine it achieves in others’ hair, and like the idea of it being a natural conditioner as well.

Yesterday, out of the blue, Finn collected a bunch of red berries because he wanted to make dye. He saw this in The Secret of Kells. He crushed them up and made an orange paste. If that isn’t a sign that it’s time to dye my hair with henna, I don’t know what is!

Oh yes I do. The henna box having a fox on it.

So here I am with lovely bright fox hair. I love it because it turned the exact shade of my mother’s natural color! Auburn hair for autumn air. Time for a viewing of Anne of Green gables!



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