This is magic.

The leaves on the plant next to my mailbox have turned a bright electric orange.  As if to say, “If we must fade into the October mist we will do so with flourish!” A mottled orange and black cat creeps slowly through the yard across the way.  By the looks of our pumpkins in the windowsill he won’t find Gus and Jacque tonight.  Fairy magic is in the air.

The other day I met a girl who has found a Luna Moth chrysalis.  (My book is about a girl who is given a sweater made from a magic cocoon.  You can probably guess what comes next.)  I wish I could be there to see those big emerald wings sprout from the Luna moth.  To experience the transformation and magic that is rebirth in person.  I will have to find a video online. Research!

Research for my book has been mesmerizingly dreamlike.  My latest fascination has been about an old woman my mom used to visit when she was a little girl.  She recently retrieved an article about her written for the local newspaper.  She lived in a run down mansion on her street.  The estate was covered with plants and trees her collector botanist father had planted.  It had all the makings of a wealthy Gatsby-esque locale, but when he died his daughter was left all alone and the plants and trees all creeped in and covered her.  Her only solace were the neighborhood children who would come to visit, and the hundreds of cats she would keep.  My mom remembers there always being meat simmering on the stove for the cats.  Eeep.  The story reminds me of Grey Gardens or Great Expectations.  I am imagining a similar place for my book, who’s property holds a fascinating magical secret.

Today I want to find myself someplace smothered in autumn leaves.  Above and below.  I have an idea for it and I hope it will prove as magical as my imaginings!

The cat has found a squirrel to chase. I’ve seen them playing together the last few days.  That squirrel loves to tease!  Oh dear…they’re in the blue jay territory.  This will prove to be a good show.

Happy day 10/10!

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