For Oliver.

Hunter’s Moon by Bridget Beth

The next full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon.  I had never heard of that!  Sounds very Snow White to me.

Oliver has a birth mark in the shape of a wolf under his arm.  Much like the one above, without the tail.  He loves it.  It’s sort of become a pet for him.  The other day he said, “The wolf is scared!” and pointed to his mark.

His favorite animals are Orca whales.  If you ask him to make an Orca sound it’s the same as a wolf howling.  Owoooooh!  Did you know that Orcas are called wolves of the sea?  It is one of my goals in life to take Oliver on a whale watching trip.  It would probably end up being more exciting for me than for him, but I still think it would be a grand adventure!

I’m not sure if I ever said this on here but one time I was asking Oliver what kind of class he would like to take, ballet or gymnastics.  Then Finn piped up, “Oooor would you like to take a class where you swim with orca whales!!!??”

Thanks, Finn.

The picture of O is frightening for me.  He’s still a chubby little fluff, but somehow my camera caught a glimpse of what he’ll be in a couple years.  Stop growing little wolf!

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