Crimson and blue.

Steller’s Jays by Bridget Beth20121004-155427.jpg
I took the boys to the river to go on a long walk under the alders yesterday. We picnicked on the grassy bank and watched the boats float by. Leaves in a chorus of muted colors crunched underfoot. A sparkle of blue in the distance, a shimmer of crimson overhead. Snow berries and blue jays and jagged mountains. I want to let it all rush into me and to let myself bleed into it. Watching Finn race over the trail on his bike made me feel like I am.

I just saw that there are trails in Edmonds called things like “songbird trail” and “sword fern trail” and there’s even a “crows nest loop.” Time to go exploring!

2 thoughts on “Crimson and blue.

  1. oh, every time you do it! i keep thinking its impossible to love a new painting more, and then you go and do it!
    this is a favorite. Bridget-stunning! i am in love!

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