We’ve been enjoying a lovely Indian Summer.Deep purples and mists, crisp magenta evenings, spiders’ handiwork among patches of meadow flowers, pumpkin spice scents seeping out our pores, decorations of glittered leaves and glowing lanterns, picking out and reading new (old) books, and enjoying the light of two new antique bedside lamps.

We went to the car show in Snohomish on Sunday with all its candy colored cars and bright balloons and 50’s music…it was like stepping back in time, I loved it. My mom bought the lamps for me in an antique shop there when she saw how much I loved them.  (Early Christmas present).  They have pretty hand painted pink chrysanthemums and gold filigree on the bases, and pin prick starry shades that twinkle as you walk past.  They’re like the best thing that’s ever happened to my bedroom.  They make me so happy and they are so perfectly Beau and I!

May they light the dark that is to come!

(This “nest” was Finn’s idea. A leaf garland and candy corn lights!)

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