Happy equinox!

Tis the season of cozy little cottages and decadent artisan bakeries. Of pea coats and tights and anything fuzzy. I’m dreaming of a harvest moon celebration and lots of in-town tourist destinations.20120922-133844.jpg This week was Macrina Bakery in Queen Anne and Cafe Besalu in Ballard. With a venture to Parson’s garden (Sharon and Sean’s wedding spot!) and Sunset Hill Park (Joey and Matt’s engagement spot!).

But who needs an actual park with all the urban foliage in these areas? Today I spotted a gorgeous mimosa tree, blueberry bushes, yellow poppies, and pretty Russian sage among the lovingly sculpted sidewalk gardens.

And I can’t help it…I always pick a favorite house. Today it was a grey peaked tudor. We matched. And I can promise you one thing. If I ever get to live in it I’ll go to Sunset Hill Green Market almost every single day.

The conversation with the manager was so sweet! “oh you went to Cafe Besalu?! The owners shop here. Did you see their new baby Frida in the kitchen?”  I did! Feeling like you’re in a small town in the city…what’s not to love?!


3 thoughts on “Happy equinox!

  1. How lovely! Isn’t Cafe Besalu buttery heaven? What did you get? (i’m a ham and swiss pastry gir)l. I have so many wonderful memories with you in upper Queen Anne, you capture it well.

  2. A blueberry pastry and a short cappuchino! The blueberries were still warm and the pastry was perfectly flaky. Divine!!

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