Layers of grey

This morning I soothed myself into the fog with a hot cup of blueberry green tea (my new favorite!), oatmeal with pumpkin spice and peaches, and a walk through the garden to find harvest treasures.  I love the snow berries.

Finn and I have been practicing what to say to make friends because he had a rough go of it the first week. “My name is Finn.  Will you play with me?  Will you be my friend?” He reported back to me tonight,

“I played with a girl during recess.  She’s beautiful.  You should see her.” 

His teacher says he is an amazing artist, always has a smile on his face, and is an endearing boy.  I like her :)

There were green caterpillars in the basil I’d bought for pizza margherita tonight.  I made oregano and parmesan instead, and the boys got a new pet.  They adore animals and insects.

(Sometimes to my detriment. Finn brought home a tupperware full of wolf spiders from Beepa’s house the other day. Lovely. I guess fall really is coming!)

It’s evening now and I still feel the same way I did when I drew the shades and saw those paper trees out the window.  I watched a few home videos from when Oliver was a baby and feel like there’s a swath of fog between each of my children.  The memories get just a little more faded with each one.  Soon all that will be left will be a tree line of distant days.  I might remember all that I put in this post but the rest will all start to fade.  It’s making me feel all trembly and sad.  I’m glad I took a nap with Oliver, told Finn I love how his hair is shiny like gold, and gave Harry an extra feeding today.  These years slip by too fast to hold anything back.

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