Glittering Weekend.

This weekend has been full of beauty.

Beau left for a whole week yesterday morning. We went to the beach, and out to Greek, and made cocktails with each other the day before. I hate it when he’s gone but sometimes the space is good. Goodbyes make friendships suddenly intentional. We watched the sun rise from the ship canal bridge as we drove to the air port. The city was awash with sparkling golden bonfires as each window reflected the east.20120909-140551.jpg

Lucy lives relatively near the airport so we spent the morning adventuring around West Seattle. Macarons, motor cycles, pineapple and coffee plantation french toast, Izma and Kronk, and one of my favorite doors.  Lucy took the picture. (I think I made her a little nervous when I whimsically decided to stop traffic and pull over for it. Every time I see this building I think…GAH! I NEED A PICTURE OF THAT! And Oliver and I matched so it was like going against the natural order of things not to).20120909-140253.jpg

Jamie’s going away to travel the world. Another goodbye. She’s going to be gone a year…maybe two. I’m a little bit sad, and scared for her. But mostly very excited.

Do you ever feel like if you were any more stretched you’d tatter and float up into the air and disappear? Please tell me I’m not the only one because that’s what I felt like doing last night at the going away party.  I am so SO lucky to have Joey for a friend. She came with Avonlea and helped me with the boys and made me feel like I wasn’t all alone. Having a tweedle twin that is uber confidant and intensely thoughtful made me feel right as rain. My mom said to us, “I’m so glad you two found each other.”20120909-140619.jpg

Today is Sunday. It is grey. I woke up and felt like I couldn’t see any color in my bedroom. I have a very good idea for my book. Momentum. That is what I need. Stagnant waters may create crystals if you add enough sugar. I feel like the last few days have been one enormous dump of sugar into the stagnant waters of rest. I see some glittering beginnings.

A few pictures of note: our amethyst candy crystals, quinine glowing in tonic water, and 5 minute bread… Beautiful, edible, science projects!

One thought on “Glittering Weekend.

  1. You are blessed!!! I understand the feeling of being stretched too far thinking you are going to crumble into a million tiny pieces and drift away on the wind. I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

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