The Isle of Skye!

Anthropologie’s fall catalogue
takes place on the Isle of Skye! Have a look here. In this photo we’re standing at the top of the “castle” that is to the left of the woman on the cover.

I was literally going to the store to buy red hair dye, stopped by my mail box, and opened up the catalogue to a page with a woman in red hair standing in the same spot we had a wee picnic before hiking through the Quirang.  All day today now I’m being taken back.  I’m listening to my Scottish music soundtrack, imagining myself escaping to the Isle of mists, and painting green landscapes!

I remembered that I hadn’t ever posted this picture.  I thought we might use it as a Christmas card but I guess I forgot!  Dan Roundhill took it of Beau and I in Faerie Glen.  The most magical place I’ve ever been!

P.S. In the little video they have from the shoot on the website they have a woman looking out the window onto the city with a braid in her hair.  Synchronicity! (This one is me)

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