The Swallow

Our friends Joey and Matt took us on the dearest sunset sail last night. Matt made this boat and they named it the swallow for the book Swallows and Amazons. I had never been on a sailboat this size before and I have to say it was one of the most thrilling and lovely things I’ve ever experienced. Matt and Joey are SO charming. Joey made a picnic of delicious food and wine and Matt described to us a little about sailing. I’m ready to join a yacht club and move to a lake. I can’t wait to ride the Swallow on the Salish Sea. I’ve been promised another adventure!
After Joey described The Swallow to me I wanted to paint it. Even though I’d never even seen it! And we had had a day by the pool where she and her daughter Avonlea were wearing matching polka dot suits and I nearly died it was so cute! So I painted this of them a week ago. I would paint the boat a little more accurately now, but I like that it’s my imagination of it :) 20120824-134849.jpg

One thought on “The Swallow

  1. I love the shots you got of this! I didn’t get a chance to see what you had on your camera. What a lovely capturing of our sweet evening!

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