“The desire of the moth for the star,
Of the night for the morrow,
The devotion to something afar,
From the sphere of our sorrow.”

Finn captured a moth the other day.  It was furry and brown and covered with white spots made of powder.  Finn decided he would make a good friend.  He gave him a bath, snuggled him in his sleeping bag, let him ride his neck, and made him watch mario Kart.  The moth seemed to like Finn.  He would let him hold him, and no one else.  By the time he was done with him he was a golden, sparkling little thing.  His antennae were frazzled, his wings were tattered.  I told Finn he would probably die soon because Moths only live for a day.  The next morning I asked him where his moth went.  He said, “I let him fly,” and pointed outside.

8 thoughts on “Moth

  1. This is a crazy coincidence… Grandma Spiro spent the weekend and was over for dinner last night and we were talking about poetry and Shelley…. Who is my great x4 uncle!!! It’s a small world after all. Love your posts as always! Hope you and the family are well. We are off to Washington coast next week and planning to check out the kite festival. Are you guys going this year? Is there a better day out of the week to go???

  2. Sarah! That’s amazing! Now I’m going to start saying I’m related to him..ha! I’ve only been to the kite festival once so I don’t really have any good info for you. But it is very fun! We’ll be on the coast next weekend. I wonder if we’ll run into each other. That would be perfection!!

  3. ack! I guess there’s nothing new under the sun! (I stopped writing it before because the trailer for The Princess and the Frog came out, and in my new version I’ve been changing the frogs to wood elves. If you see something involving moth fairies just don’t tell me, k? :)

  4. Ha! Well I love that you thought of me. I’m sure I’ll live the movie. It looks like something my boys would adore too!

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