Of the Wolf.

Oliver was attacked by a crow in our backyard yesterday. Then last night he dreamed a dragon was attacking him and he fell out of bed. Now he has bags under his eyes because he did not sleep another wink. He kept yelling out “DANG IT!”  “Dang it, dang it, DANG IT!!”20120809-100844.jpg
Finn has never used bad words but Oliver just Looooves to see our reaction. We call him Loki because he’s our dark mischievous one. (we don’t call Finn Thor, but the analogy holds…ha!) When it’s bedtime Finn is bravado and delay and pleads….and Oliver finds a good place to hide. That describes him perfectly.

He doesn’t really like tv, enjoying books and stuffed animals instead. Except Diego. I think because he looks just like him. He knows all the words and songs and he will tantrum if Finn changes it to anything else.  He loves to show me where the jungle is on my Italy map. If he someday works with animals, I will not be surprised.

He is a snuggler and a sulker. A wordsmith and a dead pan comedian.  He wears his otter like a stole.

After a nap or when it’s hot he gets these precious curls on the back of his head like a little chick. He is like a kitten…wants you when you don’t, pouty when you do…and loves to crawl in your lap and nuzzle you and hum. 20120809-103119.jpg

His favorite animal is a “hunk whale” (humpback whale) and everything he holds suddenly starts breaching and blowing out of an imaginary spout. He only uses one foot to move his peddle free trike. (The clubfoot has barely any muscle). He loves colors and designates everything as such…”these are all the BLUE sharks.”

He spills his drink and wets his bed every. single. day. And the way he smirks and looks up at me through his swarthy lashes makes it impossible to be mad at him.

Finn says he smells like chocolate “because he is brown.”20120809-103213.jpg

He calls Finn “Finnnnnnadore!” like an opera song.  It is one of his great joys in life to irk and tease his big brother.  Finn will be crying “Will you be my friend for ever and ever and ever?  Please Oliver?”  and Oliver will ignore him and walk away with a great big grin on his smug little face.

But when Finn is gone he pouts and sulks in his bunk…”Where’s Finnadore??” 20120809-104245.jpg

He always ALWAYS calls Harry “Baby haRREE!” with an upward lilt on the last syllable like a question.  “Dis baby HaRREE?!”  Yes.  It’s baby Harry.  “CUTE?!?!” Yes.  “OOOOHHHH!!!?”  and then smothers him with too much love.  Are you hurting baby Harry, Oliver? “YES!!!”20120809-104223.jpg

He is the MOST stubborn.  He loves playing with my hair.  And poking me in the eyes.  And showing me his wolf birth mark.  Every time he gets in trouble he retreats to his room to pout.  Lately this has been after an intentional outburst of “DANG IT!” right in my face.

Right now he’s stomping to the back door with nothing but a diaper, boots, and a toy gun. He’s yelling, “I SHOOT ALL THE BIRDS!!!!!”

And God bless his sweet little soul, I think someday he will.20120809-104207.jpg

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