Rocky Bay, a pink chair, and Wes Anderson Colors.

Yesterday I went in search of a new chair to sit and write in.  I walked into St. Vincent De Paul’s and found…This adorable tweed-ish pink chair.  Yep. I’ve been wanting just the right pink thing for my Wes Anderson colored back room! I can’t wait to sit and sip from my mustard yellow espresso cups on it…ha!  It’s all too much.

And then I went by myself to see Moonrise Kingdom.  I was dying when I saw the color scheme.  I want to live in it!  I love that mustard/light blue/pink/red/olive green combo.

And when I came home I knew exactly how to paint a cabin I was commissioned to do.  I LOVE this one.  It reminds me of one of those old paint by number paintings.  I think the color scheme turned out really well, too.

Rocky Bay

Here are some photos I was given to work with.  The above is my artistic rendition.  I just took everything I loved about the place and put them together. 

And in keeping with the woodland theme…yesterday my friend Mel sent me a link to this bedding from Ikea.  WANT.

I also LOVE this fox pillow (from Early Bird Special on Etsy).  Juliana just found a new chair too that has fleur de lis and castles on it.  She asked me what kind of pillows she should put on it and I thought…a fox and trees!  Like a fox hunt in the lake district!

I’m loving all the canoe and teepee, camping, woodland summery things that are in all the catalogues this year.  Land of Nod…sigh.


3 thoughts on “Rocky Bay, a pink chair, and Wes Anderson Colors.

  1. I didn’t know you’ve been to Rocky Bay! I knew the McNabbs growing up and became fast friends with one of their cousins, Stacy (we is so much my kindred spirit, it’s surreal). Stacy’s family has a cabin right next to the Kenny/McNabb one! I absolutely love it out there! So peaceful and so much of God’s glory and beauty to just soak in. One of my favorite places for sure :-)

  2. Kari, I’ve never actually been. But maybe someday! Lissa just went and took pictures for me. But I love that you could assume I had been there. I was hoping to catch the essence of the place without a visit!

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